How can I get in touch with Renee or David?

The best way to get in touch is to submit a ticket with your email address, and David or Renee will get back to you.

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    m khosravi

    I did enjoy your class , was fun .. The thing is I don't have enough time
    I just send my boy friend the txt and now I don't know what am going to tell him as am not prepared enough and his expecting me tonight .

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    Disclaimer: Male spy here always wanting to track enemy intelligence.

    Re, your recent comment about how society makes women feel insecure.

    You must look it from the other side from multiple perspectives, including the guy's viewpoint.

    A. Evolutionary sociobiology dictates that women are genetically programmed to go for Alpha Males regardless of age. You can't get more Alpha Maler than Bruce Willis.

    B. Escalating income inequality means that Alpha Males are becoming Super Alpha Alpha as they rise into the 1%. 4 million years of Hominen dictates that on a very primal level your optimum Mating Strategy would be to snag one of these Super Alphas. 

    C. Unfortunately, your odds of doing this are very slender, and those who have already snagged will be very protective of their turf (cf., PRIMATES OF PARK AVENUE).

    D. Evolutionarily, female dissatisfaction is probably a good thing. Unfortunately, as the supply of available Alphas ever diminishes, refusing to settle is going to result in greater and greater numbers of women living alone with their cats.

    I have watched this over the past three decades with highly successful New York career women. If they were making $100K a year, they wanted to marry someone making $200K. Unfortunately, the Optimum Mating strategy for someone making $200K is to marry a Trophy Bimbo, so the Optimum Mating Strategy for a woman wanting to marry someone making $200K is unfortunately... .you got it.

    Widowed three years ago. I've started dating again, interestingly enough, two divorcees, both whose husbands were earning $1m+. But their husbands did not get into this bracket by being kind, lovable family-oriented men, which both women found out two scorched earth divorcces later.

    Those tough, high achieving New York women I know are now turning 60 and never realized that decisions they made in their 30s would actually have a major impact thirty years later). This innately driven search to always find a better man might go a long way to explain why the subjective reporting of American women's happiness has declined 1% per decade since the 1970s, whereas that for men has remained relatively constant.

    E. Obviously, the cure is for women to be realistic (which seems to be a HUGE part of your courses and blogs), and perhaps even more important, to be happy and content within themselves. But how to achieve that behavior when evolution, media and social media are all conspiring to persuade you on a very primal level that other people have it so much better than YOU.

    Actually, I haven't a clue. But that's why you give your seminars!

    Anyway, keep up the great work,and convince women, as the old saying goes about every great man, settle for an Alpha Minus or Beta Plus and gently urge them into Alphahood.



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